Kamloops Culture

Kamloops Arts Council

The many arts and cultural events that take place in Riverside Park and elsewhere in Kamloops are due to the Kamloops Arts Council’s great work promoting local artists. Each year, the Council hosts Art in the Park, Artwalk and other events that greatly enhance Kamloops’ cultural scene. This non-profit organization works to ensure that Kamloops has a vibrant art and culture community by supporting local artists who paint, sculpt, draw, and write. It’s great work on events such as the Children's Art Festival fosters a wonderful environment for children to learn and grow their artistic minds. Life in the Tournament Capital of Canada is more than just sports; it’s an exploration of history, culture and art thanks to the Kamloops Arts Council.

Kamloops Art Gallery

The history, people and events that shaped Kamloops have been plain to see at the Kamloops Arts Gallery. Since 1978, the gallery has hosted exhibitions of works created in virtually every possible form of traditional and new visual arts media. It once displayed Secwepemc First Nation traditional stories written on large painted drums in an exhibit. Images from the 1993 World Fly Fishing Championships in Kamloops have also been on display at the gallery. A creative series of pictures helped visitors to better understand the Mountain Pine Beetle's path of destruction through Kamloops forests in 2006. Photographs of dances, costumes and story-telling at the annual Kamloopa Pow Wow in 1999 reinforced the importance of First Nations culture and traditions to Kamloops. shopping for insight into Kamloops' history and culture may be a worthwhile form of recreation in between visits to the area's other many other attractions.